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DB Logistic

We are a team – a coordinated team made up of individualities and similarities, a mix of different experiences and broad competences. By operating together as an integrated team we can create a harmonious and effective transport – logistic system. It is the people that count!

Our aim is not to make a quick profit but to build long term relationships with our clients. We believe in partnership, mutual goals and integration with the client’s system. We gradually implement the strategy of sustainable development  and building the brand of a flexible logistics operator. We do our best to offer the highest quality of service and make sure the team is constantly developing. We are a socially engaged company. We support the local community.

We offer full range of services in the field of transport, forwarding and warehousing, as well as optimization of the supply chain and warehouse management. We integrate and optimize the flows of commodity streams and the related information.We work together with our clients, as one team, becoming part of the client’s organization. We offer standard transport and warehouse solutions, available immediately.  We custom design optimal solutions for our clients.


100% SAFE

Our customers’ goods are 100% safe both in the warehouse and during transport.


Reliability and 100% on-time delivery is the hallmark of our operations.


We have at our disposal a fleet of modern trucks.


We constantly follow the route of our cars to maximize travel time.